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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Early Summer League Notes

2010 Central Iowa Lacrosse Association
Summer Lacrosse League

I had grand plans this morning before I left for work to post this information on the actual Central Iowa Lacrosse Website. Unfortunately my PC, modem, and/or router decided that it did not need to connect to the Internet.

This year I am taking a much firmer stance on the way the summer lacrosse program will work. Last year it was a casual pick up league which resulted in sporadic attendance. This caused problems as one week we would have 7 guys and the next we would have 27. Sometimes we would have full fledged games with 10 per side and others we would not have enough for a half field scrimmage.

Making matters worse were the selfish guys. On the nights when there actually were subs, everyone was supposed to make an effort to let people get some time; yet a couple of guys refused to ever get off the field. I applaud those that repeatedly took themselves off to let new players on. In the end we were all out there to have a good time, but those that showed no respect by never rotating off did their best to ruin it for some people. Not a great way to help the sport grow...

But after a successful box league over the winter, I have learned a lot. As the lax population in Des Moines continues to grow, we are moving into a better position to have an actual field league as opposed to random pick up games. This summer we will have a more formal field lacrosse league. Period.

Here are some things to expect:

  • Early June-Mid August
  • Thursday nights, starting at 6:00
  • Open to adult and high school players
  • 3-4 Teams chosen by appointed captains
  • Team reversibles
  • A small fee to cover the reversible & league expenses*
  • If you do not pay, you will not play
  • Substitutes will be allowed but limited & approved by the ref & opposing team
  • Every team will be responsible for providing refs & youth assistants

The full details are still being worked out, of course. I am in the process of arranging a field. Hopefully there will be lacrosse lines, but I cannot guarantee anything yet. The most important points to consider revolve around the organization of the league. Every player will be responsible for paying a fee up front to receive their reversible and be eligible to play.** You are basically buying the team reversible and playing for free.

Every team will provide a ref and scorer for the games between the other teams. The only stats kept will be penalties, goals, and assists (sorry goalies) to keep things simple. If a team fails to provide two officials, that team will suffer a forfeit loss with stiffer penalties for repeated infractions.

Depending on the number of teams and expected daylight hours, we will have at least one game per week. It is possible that we may have two games provided we have four teams and plenty of daylight. The games will be running time and split by half time only. Time outs will be available.

Sure there will be pick up games as well, most likely on a biweekly basis. There will also be introductory Toss Arounds on Saturdays, probably on a monthly or triweekly basis. But the main focus of our summer program this year will be the organized league.

The pickup league will be run like last year only on a different night - probably Monday or Tuesday. This league will be free and stats will not be kept. The number of pick up games may be altered based upon participation and response.

We will also have a youth program for kids in grades 5-8. This program will be introductory in nature and will focus primarily on teaching skills to younger players. At this time the specifics are not nailed down, but the goal is to have them playing scrimmage games by July. Summer league teams will also be required to provide an assistant for these sessions as CILA's ultimate goal is increasing participation and creating a sustainable lacrosse community. Fee and reversible considerations are currently being made. These sessions will run at the same time as the Summer League.

CILA is also looking for team sponsors to cover the initial reversible jersey costs. Each sponsor will receive an official reversible to display in their place of business. Links, logos, and phone numbers will be posted on the CILA website to identify them as an official sponsor. A link will be posted on this blog as well. Teams will be identified by their sponsor's name on the CILA website, this blog, and Facebook. The Summer League sponsorship has the potential to carry over to the 2010 Box League will minimal (if any) additional cost. If you or some one you know is interested in sponsoring a team or the youth program this summer, please contact me directly.

As the Valley season draws to a close next month and June draws nearer, more concrete information will be posted. Until then, I will try to keep everyone up to date on what is going on. The bulleted items above are sticking points to this year's program.

*I am not taking a cut of the fees. The fee will be purely to cover the cost of reversibles and to help maintain the goals used by CILA. We currently use Valley's goals; as such we should help offset the cost of replacing those nets. Further, CILA is investing in regulation size box lacrosse goals for this year's box league. As CILA is not funded, the summer league's dues will help offset that cost as well. Everything goes back into the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association.
**Getting money for the Box League was easy for the most part, but some guys "forgot" to pay repeatedly. This will not be the case for all future leagues. All money will be turned in upfront or you will not be able to play.

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