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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 9a

Now that I have given Drake a polished look, it is time to resume where we left off. As lax continues to get more established around the state, it is only natural that the cities on the edges of the state will want to get involved. It is not hard to imagine that four teams from distinctly different areas will join the Iowa High School League in the same year. We'll head west for the first installment of this expansion year.

Abraham Lincoln Lynx

Eventually the River City Black Knights should give way to teams representing the various high schools in Council Bluffs. I chose Abraham Lincoln mostly because I like their nickname, "Lynx." In all honesty, I no pretty much nothing about the specific schools in Council Bluffs.
Once again the team has a blue, white and red color scheme. I chose to go with blue shorts and away jerseys while utilizing the same font that I used on Albia. The color pattern is a little different, but the teams would not be in the same division anyway so it does not matter.I went with a white helmet to produce a smooth color scheme. The red chin and chinstrap provide a nice break from the jerseys. Blue is tied back in via the visor and Mohawk stripe.
Sioux City East Black Raiders

As one of the larger metros in the state with a storied hockey program, Sioux City will no doubt be interested in lax. East High was chosen because of their fairly strong sports reputation. Of course North and Bishop Heelan are no slouches either.With a name like "Black Raiders" the dominant color was never in doubt. Black on black on black is the only way to go. The customizer even gave me a nice logo to use for the mock ups. In fact, the hardest part of the design was incorporating orange in a way that was not obnoxious and still maintained the ferocity associated with pirates.
As the third team in this series to wear black and orange, it was difficult to give East a unique helmet. Since I went with white for Valley, I only had to contend with my choice for Ames. At this point I was not going to go back and change the Little Cyclones' helmet so I had to go forward with their lid in mind. Originally I considered an all black helmet, but that looked too amateur for a varsity team. Then I tried just on orange item: the visors did not improve on the amateur look, the chin was alright, the visor was too gaudy, and the Mohawk just looked silly. My final decision provides the perfect balance of orange while maintaining the tough yet simple look the Black Raiders deserve.

Tribe 7