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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CILA Summer League Predictions - Week 6

Today's predictions will be lacking in their usual flavor. I apologize to those that actually enjoy reading my senseless rants. I am swamped at work and have a few things to do on my break.

Game 1 - Clark Physical Therapy vs Wellspring Parable
Clark is missing Shoff, Copolous, and Boyd. Wellspring is missing both Tornberg brothers and Taylor. Mark Anderson (ISU's box captain and all around utility player) will fill in the net for the Young Guns.
Clark has been surging after back-to-back wins over Mi Casa and have really come to form as of late. The Young Guns looked pretty soft against Lightning last week. However Zielonko was missing and the cage was covered by an inexperienced goalie.
Prediction: The Young Guns welcome Zielonko back and Anderson is a capable goalie. Wellspring Parable by 4
Game 2 - Lightning Wear vs Mi Casa Rustic Furniture
The Bolts are a force of nature. Mi Casa can't seem to win. This should be a no brainer. However, if Blay and the other MIA Mi Casa players return this week, we have a chance. Blay provides a lot of intangible qualities and boosts the team's confidence.
Prediction: With a full roster, Mi Casa squeaks out a single goal win

-Weather Note: The current forecast shows a high probability for thunderstorms this afternoon into this evening. A decision will be made around 3:00 pm whether to cancel or continue. In the event of a cancellation, a notice will be posted here and emailed.
**Update 3:55 pm - Barring any drastic changes in the weather, tonight's games will proceed as scheduled. Storms before the start time will of course cause a last minute cancellation.

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