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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Congratulations Team Lightning Wear

Last night was about as perfect as one could hope for during August in Iowa. The humidity was virtually nonexistent and the temperature was in the mid 80s. The sunlight was adequate for the duration of the night and everybody was in in good spirits.
Consolation Game - Clark Physical Therapy 13, Mi Casa Rustic Furniture 3
Clark came to play. They had all of their key guys and were playing with a chip on their shoulder after missing their chance to play in the the league championship. Their play was focused and intense, as always.
Mi Casa was missing several key players including Johnston, Aukes, and Blay. Goalie Burk suffered an injury (prognosis pending x-rays) early in the game which led to Kaufmann taking to the pipes. The rest of the team was focused and played their hardest, but it simply proved to be not enough as Mi Casa fell off over the course of the game.
Clark finished the league in third place and felt that they could have given Lightning Wear a run for their money. Mi Casa finished last.
Championship Game - Lightning Wear 11, Wellspring Parable 5
Both Couches were out for the Bolts, which resulted in the versatile McDougal playing goal. Nearly everybody else was on the field for Lightning Wear. After a slow start, the Bolts began to pull away early in the second half. The played a much more subdued style without Ben Couch on the field and set up some strong offensive schemes. The incorporation of a rudimentary wheel system worked well for the team and opened up an increasing number of shots.
The Tornberg brothers were out for the Young Guns, which took away their two most experienced d-poles. Dirk Arends and Kurt Sundermann did a great job in the rear portion of the field, but unfortunately fell victim to a couple of penalties. Taylor played will in goal and made several strong saves, but ultimately fell victim to the onslaught coming from the Bolts' midfield. Zielonko and Nielsen controlled much of the team's offense from the midfield and were involved with every goal. Gardner and Oberender continued to show their fearlessness throughout this game.
Ultimately Lightning Wear showed the dominance they brought every week. The Bolts finished the season with a perfect 10-0 record and the league championship. A team picture with the championship trophy will be posted once I receive a copy.
Team Lightning Wear roster (current team):
2 Ben Couch (Iowa State)*
17 Cam Bostwick (Missouri State)
18 Cole Griess (Valley HS)
20 Alec Sundermann
21 Jon Symons (Valley HS)*
23 Sam Arends (Valley HS)
28 Shaun Harrington
46 Bill Bostwick*
58 Colin Mundus (Valley HS)
62 Hunter Couch (Valley HS)*
69 Hunter Levis (Valley HS)
71 Tanner McDougal (Valley HS)
85 Patrick Shelton
90 Dylan Griess (Valley HS)

*Absent from last night's game

Tribe 7