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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ready For Some More Lax?

The dust has barely settled from the Championship Game and people are already asking about the next opportunity to play. I decided to compile a list of opportunities that I know of in the near future.

Pick Up Game Next Week
Earlier this week I sent this email to all of the laxers in Des Moines:

A couple of people have asked me about potentially having a pick up game next week some time. I can honestly say that I will not have free time myself, but I encourage anybody that wants to get together and play to do so. Anybody that wants to play should reply with a couple of options for the day and time. I will include the most common response in my email/post. We will need to coordinate somebody to access the goals (I will not be on that side of town at all) and somebody will have to bring balls. Once everything is more or less figured out, I would be happy to post a
notice on the website and blog and send an email.

I have already received positive responses from roughly a dozen players. The consensus is to play at Indian Hills next Wednesday night at the usual time (roughly 5:45-8:00).
Valley Practices
Returning Valley players will begin fall practices on September 7 at Indian Hills. The start time is tentatively scheduled for our usual 4:00 slot. We will once again participate in the fall ball tournament in Lincoln, NE on Saturday, October 9.

Players are encouraged to bring classmates that are interested in playing for Valley Lax. Fall ball is a much less stressful time to learn the game than in the intensity of the spring season (which is why fall ball exists). We are trying to restrict the team to Valley, Waukee, and Dowling students, but are open to experienced players from other schools in the metro. We do not have much extra equipment, so new players need to have some of their own or at least have hockey gear to wear initially.

Contact me with questions.

Drake Lacrosse

Drake will be hosting Cornell College (Mount Vernon) on Saturday, September 18. Once I have the time and location details, I will post them. I strongly encourage all lax fans in Des Moines to attend and support the Bulldogs. The Drake guys have been participating in CILA events since last spring, including the Box and Summer Leagues.

Details on future games will be posted as they arise. Drake students interested in playing lacrosse or alumni interested in supporting the team should contact Ben Shoff.

Box Lacrosse League

I am currently in the process of finalizing the details for the second annual Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Box Lacrosse League at the Soccer House. The league will begin after Halloween, on either November 4 or 11. It will run through the end of January with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Although I do not yet have the final cost, expect it to be around $50-60 per player for 10 games. Those numbers are subject to change depending on how many teams we end up with.

Once I get the box information together, I will send out an email. Because we have to pay for the facility before the season starts, there will be a hard deadline. If there is room for players after that, they will be subjected to the full league fee. Teams will be capped at 15 players, including goalies.

The only real changes this year will be on the defensive end. My plan is to have proper box goals this season. The goals I originally considered are out of stock; the remaining funds from the summer league should cover them. Because we will not be using field goals this year, only short sticks will be allowed. Last year we allowed one pole per team to make up for the larger goals. This year the experience will be more like traditional box (barring cross checks into the boards).

This information will be included in the mass communication once I get the final costs and information.

Tribe 7