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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 CILA Summer League - What I Learned Part 3

Reflecting on the 2010 CILA Summer League:
7. A ball troll resides at Indian Hills
No matter how long we searched for balls... No matter matter how many people looked... We just could not finish a week's worth of games without losing a ball or two. Ok, there might have been one week that see me leave with every ball I brought. But the last few weeks were the worst. I lost four balls after the championship game. Considering that Indian Hills is flat and unobstructed, I just do not understand how they all disappeared like that...
We lost roughly two dozen balls over ten game nights.
8. Patrick Shelton will kill you if you get anywhere near the crease
Every attackman and middie playing for somebody other than Lightning Wear learned this the hard way. Hearing Shelton call out that he was covering you was enough to make you cry a little bit (on the inside). He was like a mamma crocodile protecting its nest. His size, speed, and sheer brutality kept the Bolts' crease area clean all season.
The league's other big hitter was Ben Shoff. While not as fast or intimidating as Shelton, Shoff gladly showed off his ability to hit. My ribs are still bruised (and hurt like hell) from our last encounter.
9. I am magnetically attracted to the ground
After years of playing hockey, I was convinced that my balance is infallible. I rarely hit the ice due to a check or anything other than dull skates. Sadly this ability did not carry over to lax.
If I was a gambling man, I would bet that I hit the ground as a result of checks more than every other attackman in the league combined. Maybe it's the skates that keep me up on the ice. Maybe it's the five pounds I've put on since hockey season finished that put me on the turf. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Regardless, I know that I rolled more grass than Snoop Dogg.
My wife happily told me that every time somebody hit the ground, she knew it was me. Even if I wasn't playing... Sigh...
For the record, I think every time I was on the ground, Shelton or Shoff was involved.

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