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Monday, September 27, 2010

Everyone Should Have Goals

A while back I promised everybody that I would build one of our new box lacrosse goals and post it. Well, I must have been feeling the arts & crafts on Saturday because I followed up my stringing project by building a goal. (Okay, technically I went to the Drake scrimmage in between.) A little prep before the Box Lacrosse League starts is not a bad thing anyway.
After searching the internet high and low, I finally found cost effective goals here. They are made by AL21 Sports, based in Quebec. Since box lax was born in Canada, I felt pretty good about this purchase.
The instructions are simple and clear. The parts are labeled clearly. The net has colored tabs to assist you in placing it properly. The lacing is more than adequate. It took less than a minute to put the frame together.
Perhaps the best thing about this goal was the lacing guides on the frame. They are spaced evenly and allow for easy alignment. Very little force is required to secure the net. The netting took maybe five to ten minutes.
My hope was to be able to collapse the goal with the net intact. Unfortunately that is not an option. Unlike the far more expensive Rage Cage goals, this net is not easily transported. I wanted to take the goal to the next south side clinic but it will not fit into my Patriot.
After all my hard work, I had to take it apart. Luckily it was also easy to take down. Not that I will after games, but it is nice to know that it will not take much time at the end of the box season. So now I will have to make plans to set the goals up at the Soccer House before the box season starts. At least it's an easy task...

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