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Friday, October 1, 2010

Update: My First Stringing Job - Ever

I finally got the chance to throw and shoot with my new Grant head last night at the south side clinic. I was focused on testing my stringing job to ensure that things were the way I like them.

I have to say, I did a kick ass job! The sticks releases just like my Mojo and catches with no issues. The pocket holds well and it cradles effortlessly. Valley's primary string guru Benny Arends double checked my work after the clinic and gave it his approval.

My early impressions with the head are very positive. It scoops ground balls better than anything I have used thus far. Of course most were Indian pick ups with no contact, but it still was amazing. It is light yet solid.

The shaft is going to take some getting used to, however. Its weight is nonexistent. the shape is nearly dead on to Warrior's. But the finish creates an ultra slippery surface. I'm used to the glossy clear coat on Warrior sticks which gives just a tiny bit of grip; the Adidas has a satin finish that offers nothing. I'm not a fan of tape, so it will be a little weird for a while.

I should have a full review of the stick in game situations in a few weeks.

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