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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 5

After a narrow loss to defending champions Cup O Kryptonite (my former team) on Sunday, Irwins Bike & Sports is back to a .500 record. Tonight wraps up the league's initial meetings as we face the Puck Hawgs. As of right now we are tied for third place (2-2) with the Hawgs (2-1), but they have a game in hand. But what you expect after three and a half weeks of play?
The Hawgs are another mystery team. Last year they were a solid middle of the pack team with no real superstars. So far this year, they match our win against Funky Pickle and our loss to Cup. What makes them stand out is their Week 2 win over Alien, the commissioner's only loss of the season. Granted that was a late game, but beating the early favorite is an admirable feat.
With my limited knowledge of this year's Hawgs, I have to rely on what I gleaned last year. This is a team that can build momentum and grind out a win. But they also are prone to collapsing.
Our boys have shown a lot of heart already this season and will be looking to rebound from Sunday's loss. With key absences on the blue line this weekend, it is not inconceivable that we might have beaten Cup. Since we are expecting everybody tonight, the Hawgs will be suffer our wrath. Expect a Irwins victory by two or more.

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