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Monday, September 20, 2010


I wanted to address my spotty posting as of late and apologize. Without making excuses (okay I kind of am), I have been busy and have been having computer issues. Between work, personal responsibilities, and activities designed to keep the game growing here, I just have not had time to get a lot written. Most of the issues revolve around work, including the computer issues...
I plan to get to the following before October is over:
I. Review of Saturday's Boy Scouts event. I just need to compile various people's emails into a coherent post and get the pictures ready. Because my work computer is kind of dumb (we use Internet Explorer 6 for crying out loud!), I'll be doing this mostly at home. As I have not been at home much lately, this will be a little delayed. I plan to get started tomorrow before work.
9/21/2010 Update: The pics have been uploaded to the CILA Facebook page. I plan to get the review together to post by Friday.
II. Do the Pro Leagues Matter? I posted the first part a couple of weeks ago. I planned on posting the second part within a week. The day I finished writing it I already had a couple of things posted, so I wanted to wait until after the weekend for it to auto post (which I end up doing quite a bit). Unfortunately, when I went to save Part Two, my work PC had some sort of hiccup. I thought everything was saved ok... When I went to add some video (which I cannot do at work), half of the text and all of the pictures were gone. Needless to say I have not rewritten it yet. But it will be coming sometime before the Box League starts.
III. Lightning Wear product reviews. If you follow this blog, then you know that we used Lightning Wear jerseys this summer. What you may not know is that Lightning Wear also sent me some sample shorts and a compression shirt. The shorts were divvied out to the Valley coaches, but I kept a pair and I kept the shirt. These reviews are high on my list; I just need to get some pics...
IV. Tribe 7 reviews. Rob Littell over at Tribe 7 Lacrosse was kind enough to send me a couple of sticks last fall. After various people have used them over the last year, I think I am finally in a position to review them from an honest standpoint. They've been beaten and battered long enough now...
V. Box goals write up. I have them, I just have not gotten them put together. Space has been an issue. Once I get one together, I will get some pics and do a brief write up. I will say they are heavy duty, but the weight is not bad. The stringing system is interesting; it kind of reminds me of a lacrosse head.
VI. Status of Lincoln High School. I plan to host my fourth straight South side clinic this week and want to give everybody an idea of how that is progressing. Probably no pics, so it will be fairly easy. I will probably wait until we are done though - October 14 is our last session.
VII. Growth efforts update. Basically I plan to shed a little light on what has been done by CILA & Valley to spur the growth of lacrosse in the metro. I will probably touch on other areas of the state as well.

Tomorrow I will renew my focus and work to get on a regular publishing schedule again. I have a long term plan for the later part of the week once the Box League starts:
Wednesday - hockey preview
Thursday - Box preview
Friday - Box review

I am working on finding a consistent Monday morning feature as well. I will probably keep the weekends free except for updates or priority items. Random postings about the college and pro leagues will still appear from time to time. With Drake joining Iowa, ISU, Cornell, and Northwestern in the college ranks, I should have plenty of topics...
In the meantime, I ask that you please bear with me as I right the ship once again.

Tribe 7