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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 10

Unfortunately the losing streak continues for the Irwins Bike & Sports hockey team. Last week we went down to a resurgent YDD Tattoo team by a score of 7-3. A glimmer of hope shown when I set up a goal and tallied an assist with under five minuts remaining. When I put one in the top shelf seconds later, we felt that a comeback was in progress. Unfortunately, my two points would be the final for the men in yellow on the night.
Tonight Irwins faces Funky Pickle. In the first meeting, Irwins skated away with a 7-1 victory. With both teams struggling since then, this is literally anybody's game. Strong goal tending will take a back seat as the defensive units on both sides will have little trouble handling their opponents' offense. I predict a two goal win by Irwins.
I will not be at tonight's game due to a pressing personal matter. But I do wish my teammates luck.

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