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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 9

Irwin's losing streak continued following last week's 11-1 loss to Alien - our worst defeat of the season. At 2-6 we are second to last with 1-6 YDD Tatoo below us. You may recall that YDD beat us in our last Sunday game (although the score and stats are not updated on the website).
Tonight we'll face YDD for the third time. After the 5-2 win in the league's second week, our spirits were high. The aforementioned 6-5 last second loss officially broke our spirits. With a nearly full roster expected tonight, we hope to get back on the path to victory. Our goalie situation is still up in the air, which complicates things.
Still, our last game against YDD demonstrated great fortitude as the team successfully killed a two man penalty and managed to tie the game in the closing minutes. We expect to recall those successes and our initial victory as we head onto the ice for the 8:35 start. Either way, this game will be decided by a single goal. I firmly believe that Irwins will be victorious.

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