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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 14

We played our final Sunday game of the season this weekend. Despite the 6-0 loss to the now first place Puck Hawgs, we played some of our best hockey of the season. Our puck movement was strong, our passes connecting, and our shots numerous. Unfortunately the Hawgs' goalie Hillock is a tough nut to crack.
Tonight we face a hot-cold Alien Hockey team. Since long time goalie Bast departed for Texas, Alien has used a tangent of keepers - Dan Bishop and Lisa Nissen (aka the hot chick goalie). Alien has been in a slump throughout the new keepers' tenure. Their lone win came on October 6 - against us...
We hope to carry Sunday's momentum and firepower over to tonight's game. As both Alien keepers are less experienced than Hillock (or Bast), our chances for a win are pretty high. However, we must be mindful of the aggressive Alien defense; they have the ability to strip our best players like a cop at Customs. Strong communication and positioning will be vital as we attempt to unleash a barrage at whomever is in net tonight.
On our end of the ice, Daniels is out for the evening and Pentico is in. Pentico is a capable goalie and has played pretty well for us in the past. Unfortunately we have yet to record a win with him in the net. Our blueliners will have to tighten the gap and force the Alien shooters to bad angles as they attempt to provide Pentico so breathing room. Keying in on strong puck carriers like the Dylos will be critical and should be left to our speedy centers.
Wing play could be the difference in tonight's game. If our wings are able to stay open near the blue line for quick transitions and can execute pinpoint passes like they did on Sunday, we should take this one home. Our centers seem to have a knack for creating space and getting open. As long as the wings can move the puck and pick up rebounds, the goals should begin to rack up for Irwins.

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