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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 13

Special Sunday Edition!!!
With another huge loss on Wednesday, Irwins is now in last place. Our two wins against Funky Pickle are meaningless for the time being as the Pickle managed to make it to over time and escape with a point following a shoot out loss.
Today we face the second place Puck Hawgs. In our two previous meetings the Hawgs beat us by a combined score line of 14-3. With numerous anticipated absences today, expect more of the same. The Hawgs boast the league's best goalie and a talented offense. Scoring goals is not our strongest suit, and the Hawgs have proven to be particularly tough.
I would like to take the ice with the hope that we will win today, but the Hawgs are in second place for a reason and we are in last for a reason. This will not change my game play nor my enjoyment of the game. I will play my heart out and have fun, regardless of the outcome.

Tribe 7