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Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Step on my Blue Suede Shoes

Originally, I was leaning towards "Ch-ch-changes" but that felt too cliche...
By now you have probably noticed a complete change in the color scheme both here and at the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association website (unless you are colorblind, in which case I apologize). Red, black, and gold have been dropped in favor of navy, sky, and white. Even the logo has been tweaked in recognition of the new colors.
Why the change?
Way back when I started this blog, lacrosse had no presence in Iowa outside of a few MCLA teams. Valley just started playing. To build excitement and interest, I had several polls designed to create some direction for the sport - a rallying point, if you will. The colors were announced on the now defunct Demons' blog:
The final results of the survey are in. After the preliminary poll closed on the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association website and receiving the first logo submission, we have officially decided on the Demons' colors. When the team reaches the point of ordering uniforms, gear, and merchandise (hopefully in the spring of 2010), these colors will be used. They are: Black, White, Red, and Athletic (Yellow) Gold.*
The overall results are:
Black- 21 %
Red - 17 %
White - 14%
Athletic Gold/Yellow - 8.5%
Vegas Gold, Purple - 6.5%
Forest Green - 5%
Silver - 4.5%
Maroon, Orange - 4%
Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Emerald Green - 3%
But as lax really started taking off last summer, we began to analyze various aspects of CILA. This included everything from a sponsor-friendly logo to league structures to high school expansion and youth programs. To maximize the connections between our programs, Zach proposed that we radically alter things. The coordinators agreed that a change would be beneficial indeed.
After significant discussion about names and color scheme, we reached the same conclusion on the colors and program name. The results are now being made public via the recolored websites. The name was informally announced through our box league team - Aces.
Why Aces?
We all agreed that "Demons" could potentially alienate certain sponsors and participants. Aces, while seemingly generic, is also more friendly and accessible. The name also gives us multiple opportunities to distinguish teams at different levels (ie spades for the men, hearts for the women, diamonds for middle school, etc. - though these are not accurate or set at this time).
The new name also provides more opportunities for helmet and uniform designs like argyle or gingham - things that would have looked silly with the Demons' logo. The new color scheme also allows us to step away from the "traditional" sports in the metro a bit. Both colors are fairly synonymous with lacrosse in general, due mostly to associations with NCAA D1 programs.
However, I want to clarify that we did not choose these colors in honor of North Carolina. In fact, none of us are UNC fans at all.
So, what about the high school team(s)?
Valley will remain Valley. The high school provides the uniforms and facilities for practices and games. They have allowed us the privilege of using their name and we respect that. Without Valley's support, lacrosse may not be where it is today.
As far as future high school teams go, we want to continue to use actual high school names as much as possible. Barring that, we would most likely choose an alternate name for new teams - similar to the Capitals and Oak Leafs hockey clubs. We obviously have the Demons' logo and name available, as well as several other options. Some are even Des Moines/Iowa-specific.
If the Aces name is ever used for a high school program, it would most likely be a summer travel team open to players from various schools. At least that is the plan right now...
Please do not refrain from sharing your thoughts on the new colors and name below. You can also contact me. Thank you for supporting lacrosse in Central Iowa.

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