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Friday, February 11, 2011

Early Thoughts on the 2011 Summer League

I know the Box Lacrosse League just wrapped up a few weeks ago. I know that the Valley season won't begin for another month. But I also know that I have to get ahead on future leagues. I am always thinking about our next lax league during the current leagues. I have really begun working to get the whole thing put together.
The Nebraska High School Lacrosse League will wrap up on May 21, freeing the Valley players and coaches. The 2011 Summer Lacrosse League will start sometime after that - most likely around June 1, 2011.
Like last year, the league will be open to high school and adult players. Games will either be om Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday depending on field availability and other factors. After the dissatisfaction regarding last year's reversible jerseys, teams will probably be responsible for providing their own uniforms. There still may be a ball and net replacement fee, but it will be much less than last year's fee.
Last year's teams may remain in tact, particularly Team Lightning Wear(league champions).  A permanent referee solution will have to be made.  We also had a player shortage issue last summer, which I would like to limit this season as much as possible.  One solution would be to permanently adopt the two defenders, two attack set up we ended up with last year.  That is not set in stone; it is just an early thought...
Adding to the attendance issues, I know that I stand a fair chance of missing games in late July and the odds of my absence only increases as we approach mid-August.  Jim has volunteered to help run things during that time, but I am definitely interested in getting additional help, maybe even from some fresh blood.  I thought about making a captains council to help keep things going while I am out...
I will continue to work on the logistics of this year's league.  Hopefully improvements can be made to give everybody an even better experience than last year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with your comments and suggestions.

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