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Monday, February 7, 2011

Living in a Fantasy Land... Part 11b

Last time I did a Lincoln mock up, I mentioned that the school changed its color scheme a bit since I graduated nearly 14 years ago (yeah, that's right; many of the players I coach where in diapers when I graduated). In the spirit of this being my fantasy land, I decided to revisit Lincoln. If I was setting the program up and making the relevant decisions, I would definitely revert to the retro color scheme.
I really feel that the athletic gold shorts pop in contrast with the maroon jersey. I have never really embraced the monochromatic look in sports, whether we are talking about lax, soccer, or football (it works in basketball though). So why not use the team's secondary color for the shorts?I chose to stay with the same pattern from the original post because its classic look seems to fit with the "Railsplitters" name. You may have noticed that the pattern continues seamlessly from the jersey.
With so many teams these days opting to wear black or white helmets, the gold helmet gives the Rails more personality. In addition to the maroon chin and mohawk, my dream helmet includes a maroon back panel with "Railsplitters" written in white and custom Abraham Lincoln and/or state of Iowa logos on the sides.
Because this is one of my favorite color schemes, I also mocked up some Warrior Wrath gloves:
Keep watching for more "Fantasy Land" posts. They will appear as inspiration hits me. Click here to start at the beginning.

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