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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Huge Announcements That Will Rock the Lax World Today

First: Under Armour officially announced their upcoming product line today.  You may recall that some products leaked earlier this month.  Contrary to my previous report, the UA gear was not designed by Gait/DeBeer but  was made in conjunction with Vertical Lax, Inc, making this deal sound similar to the recently failed marriage between Adidas and The Henson Group. I was less than impressed by the initial gear, but the pics of the new shaft look great. Connecting with the company's roots, the shafts incorporate the Flag of Maryland in their design

The UA website does not yet have any pics of the gear, but they should be coming soon.  No word on how this deal affects Paul Rabil's endorsement deals with UA and Maverik Lacrosse...

Second: The University of Michigan will be making a major lacrosse announcement today.  Of course all of the speculation indicates that we will finally get confirmation of the school's move to NCAA D1 lacrosse.

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