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Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Warrior Sticks & Gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you checked out the Warrior Nation? This free online community of lacrosse players is like Facebook and MySpace on steroids. You create a profile, upload your pic, and add people to your mob. You are ranked according to various things (signing up new mobsters, adding pics & videos, posting comments, and getting props). Each week, Warrior picks a new profile and gives them a FREE SHAFT - and I mean top of the line stuff. We're talking Kryptolyte R10 ($100 atGreat Atlantic Lacrosse), Krypto Pro Diamond ($145 at Great Atlantic Lacrosse), and Custom MLL Denver Outlaws gloves (priceless)!

"Warrior invites you to sign up today and join your insano stick-head brethren at the flash point of all things lax. Your pics. Your vids. Your comments. A full-on, bare-knuckle, social, lax cluster bomb. All about you. Create your profile, upload your stuff, share it with your friends." While you're there, swing over and check out my profile, Nutty_Squirrel_37. I guarantee you'll find something to laugh at...
You've been notified. The rest is up to you. Join the Warrior Nation today.

Tribe 7