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Monday, November 10, 2008

Poll Problems

I've noticed some problems with the polls registering votes. I am not sure if this is due to me changing the dates or what. As a result, I am putting new versions of the polls up to try and correct this. Please feel free to vote as frequently as you want on the new GPLL Team Name and Type of Lacrosse you play/want to play polls. I turned on multiple selections, so if there are multiple choices that you like, click them all. This may not give a completely accurate vote, but it will clue me in on the desires of the most frequent visitors. The Team Name poll will be open until 11:59 PM on Nov. 30 and the Type of Lacrosse poll will be up until Midnight on Dec. 4.

For the record, the old poll shows Demons with 6 votes, Dragoons with 3 votes, Wolves with 2, Hunters with 1, and Flood with 1 (I added "Des Moines Lizards" as an additional choice now). Chumash had 1 vote and all types of lacrosse had 1 vote as well. Hopefully the new polls work better.

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