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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hawkeye Lacrosse Interview - Adam Stillman

First of all, I want to give Adam Stillman major props. I asked for help from every local college club team and he is the first to step up. His assistance and willingness to lend a hand has been absolutely awesome. I encourage everyone to check out his games when the season starts. Whether my wife wants to or not, we will be making at least one trip to cheer the guys on this spring.
Stillman plays attack for the University of Iowa lacrosse club. He wears number 23 and hails from Buffalo Grove, IL. At age 21, Stillman runs the show in Iowa City by serving as the team's captain and president.

This Hawkeye has been playing lax since his freshman year of high school and was introduced to the sport by his buddy's older brother. Unlike those of us in Central Iowa (and even Omaha), lacrosse was a varsity sport at his high school.

Being an Illinois boy, Stillman cheers for the Chicago Machine. Getting the occasional free ticket to Toyota Park may play into that a bit too, but knowing some guys on the team is just a bonus.

He is also a fan of Matt Streibel, mostly because he knows him personally. The Princeton grad is well known for his prowess in the midfield and can currently be seen playing for the (Philadelphia) Barrage of Major League Lacrosse. Stillman also follows Harvard lacrosse in the NCAA. His best friend plays on the team.

In addition to playing lax, Stillman prefers point guard when playing basketball. He enjoys the "Big Four" American sports: basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. Although I did not ask which teams he cheers for, something tells me they are all in Chicago...

Warrior is his brand of choice; the Hawkeye lacrosse club gets a fairly decent discount. He regrets not being able to help much with bringing lacrosse to the Des Moines metro area, but he is graduating this year and his plans will take him out of state.

Lastly, he gives this advice to new lacrosse players: "When you begin playing, practice right once, then left… you are not a righty or a lefty, you are a lacrosse player."

I wish Stillman well on all of his endeavors and hope for a successful season for the Hawkeyes. Their schedule will be posted directly on this site when it draws closer.

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