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Saturday, December 20, 2008

European Lax

Historically, Iowa's non-native settlers are of European descent. The majority of the state is still ethnically German, although there are quite a few of the Dutch and British variety (English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh) amongst us white folks. I come from English and German stock (with a bit of Native American tossed in for good measure).
What does this have to do with lax? You may not know this, but lacrosse has jumped across the pond. Europe has its own championships and European clubs even compete in the world championships.
This post is to make you aware that lacrosse is even bigger than you realize. It also serves to show you that people everywhere are picking the game up. Of course the pics I have posted are of Germany and the British home nations in action, but astute readers will see some Italians in action as well...

Tribe 7