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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Summer League?!?! +Updates

Is there a chance that the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association may have a summer league for adults? It is becoming more likely all of the time. First of all, more and more people are voting in the polls, more people are responding favorably to my hounding about picking up lax, and a few area college players have expressed interest as well. Best of all, I finally made contact with the coach of the Valley lax team (ok, technically he made contact with me), Zach. He reached me through the "Des Moines Lacrosse League" Group-o-Matic site, which a few people have joined.

In our two brief email conversations, we talked about our options for getting men's lax up and running this summer in the Des Moines metro. One idea is to have scheduled scrimmage practices at a reserved location (which I am not yet at liberty to name) and another is to have a full blown men's beginner lax league. Our shared vision incorporates teenager players with adults to fill out teams. Based on Zach's predictions and the response I have so far received, we could be looking at four teams. The games would most likely be weekly at the location mentioned above. I do not have cost figures as of right now, but I have no plans to profit from this league. Ultimately it will come down to whether we will have to pay for field time, goals, etc.

For the time being, we are planning to ignore NCAA and NFHS regulations and allow players to wear hockey gear if that is what they have. Full face masks (cage style) will be required of course...

Some sort of liability waiver will probably have to be created. A method of arranging teams to balance the novices/experienced players and the teens/adults will have to be devised as well. That will happen as the time draws closer. Some sort of "uniform" system will be decided upon too. Again, I want to create a league that is as close to free as possible. The plan is to have enough men with at least a year of experience under their belt to field a GPLL travel team. That bridge will be crossed when we come to it...

In the mean time, Valley is planning on playing more lax games this spring. I believe most will be against Omaha area schools, but will know more once I get the info from Zach. All of that info will be posted on this site as it becomes available.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I will not be doing a lot of extensive blogging. I do have an interview that I have to write up, but that will probably not happen until after Christmas (unless we get a super bad ice storm or something that cancels work and/or my family's plans on Saturday). This time it is an ISU player. I will have some exciting news sometime within the next week, but cannot divuldge that information until I have been given the authorization to do so. After that, who knows?

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