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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tonight I received some excellent news for lacrosse in Des Moines! It seems that a new member of the Des Moines Lacrosse League wants to bring six or seven experienced guys to the league. All of them attend Drake, my Alma Matter.This means that we should have enough guys right now to make a full team. Adding to the high school club, we have enough for at least two teams. Considering that it is only the middle of January, there is still plenty of time for people to sign up or at least express interest. As I stated before, I would like to have three or four teams this summer. The plan is still to combine the high school and adult players and to distribute the experienced players as evenly as possible.Despite the fact that I hope to start the league in May or June, I would like to get a handle on things ASAP. I realize that four to six months is a long time, but we will have to figure out team assignments, playing fields, uniforms, sponsors, etc. Also, I am curious to know what positions people might be interested in playing; short sticks are relatively easy to come by, but we will need some poles and goalies too. If you have any desire to play defense, long stick middie, or goalie, then please let me know.

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