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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breaking News!!!!!!!!

I just found out that there is a West Des Moines Valley & Waukee joint Lacrosse Club. I was scanning the net for any more local lax info and stumbled across this on the Waukee School Districts Bulletins:

The Waukee/West Des Moines LaCrosse Club will be competing in Lincoln Nebraska on Sunday Oct. 12th. Participating from Waukee will be: Cam Bostwick, Adam Gangle, Brenton Marcum, Dylan Griess, Eric Roleck, Jamie Tornberg, Luke Jacobs, Tanner McDougal, Nate Kaufmann, Nick Warren, Alex Sundermann. As you pass these people in the hall wish them good luck.

I also found the game times listed on a local gymnastics site ( Trying to find a website specifically for this club but came up with nothing. Does anyone know if such a website exists? If so, could you please post or email me the address so I can get it on this blog? If anyone knows anybody on or affiliated with this team, please direct them to this blog or get them in touch with me. To meet our goal of bringing lacrosse to the Des Moines metro area, our efforts should be coordinated. I also found a video, but have not yet watched it since YouTube is blocked at my office:

In other news, I also found a Des Moines Lacrosse League group site now exists. I have joined the site as a member (making me the second). I have not yet contacted the founder, but will do so when I have more time. The link is on the side bar and right here:

You may have noticed that I added more graphical links as well. I am in the process of getting a graphical link for every local college club program. If/when I get the Valley/Waukee Lax Club link, I will post one for them as well.

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