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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Waukee Valley HS Interview #1

The first interview from a member of the Waukee/Valley High School Club comes all the way from Waukee. Cameron came to Iowa from Elmherst, IL. The 16-year-old middie wear number 17 and has been playing lax since middle school. He first got interested in lax by watching on TV (just like me!).
Although not a fan of Major League Lacrosse or the National Lacrosse League, Cam (as his friends call him) does follow college lax. His favorite teams are Johns Hopkins (yay!), Duke, and Virginia. The reason? The best players in the world represent those schools. Notably absent from his list was Syracuse, where his favorite player, Mikey Powell, spent his college years. Cam is such a big Powell fan that he prefers to use Brine equipment.
When not playing lacrosse, Cam suits up for the Des Moines Oakleafs. Just like on the lax field, he wears number 17 for the blue and green. Like any good lax middie, he lines up at center on the ice. Occasionally he slides to the wing as well. The Oakleafs website lists him at 5'11" but having played with him today, I do not think he is an inch taller than me...
His advice is as solid as any other athlete: Don't give up if it just doesn’t come to you at first, just keep at it and it will come. Lacrosse is such a great workout and fun sport to play because its fast and physical and it’s a way to meet new friends. If a new kid from out of state has the guts to go out and play lax, you should too.

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