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Friday, March 20, 2009

First Valley Tigers Game Tomorrow

I'm of mixed emotions right now because of Valley's first (and second) game tomorrow. On the one hand I'm ecstatic because this will be the first official league game for a high school lacrosse team from Central Iowa. On the other hand, I'm nervous because I have not seen the competition and most of our team was out of town on Spring Break all week. My gut is telling me we'll do great because the scrimmage went well and the players have improved significantly every week at practice.

Mechanically, we are sound. Everybody on the team can throw and catch without a problem. Defensive pressure seems to be a non issue for attackmen and midfielders alike. Our defense has mastered stick checks, playing the body, and clearing the ball. Trevor is solid in goal. Our communication has even improved over the course of the preseason.

Driving to Omaha is a big worry right now because it puts our players at a disadvantage. Anytime you have to ride in a car for a couple of hours legs are stiff and fatigued. Jumping right into a lax game won't do a lot to improve that. Hopefully we will have enough time to get stretched and warmed up before the first game.

My only other concern is having to smell a car full of laxers all the way back to Des Moines...

Obviously we will not be having a Toss Around this week. Hopefully the weather will be nice in two weeks (April 4) and we can do it again. I will update this site and the Des Moines Lacrosse League members as soon as I have a date and time determined for the next Toss Around. In the meantime, grab a buddy and toss a few around. I posted some videos over the last couple of months that should help you with the mechanics of throwing and catching.

I found out that Scheels at Jordan Creek plans to have a lacrosse section! Granted they plan to carry only basic stock, but this gives potential players the chance to get a stick and some essentials. I figured it was coming because I had seen a few sticks and balls from time to time. Last Saturday, they even had Under Armour lax shorts and shirts in the UA section downstairs (I got a pair of shorts). Hopefully this is a sign that lax is here to stay and that the growth in Central Iowa is coming!

If you have any questions or suggestions about playing lacrosse in Des Moines, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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