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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, I Tried

Yesterday's weather was supposed to be great. Then it was supposed to be iffy. By midday Friday, it was supposed to be utter crap. I tentatively canceled the toss around. Then I woke up around 7:30 (the hazards of age) and it was decent. So I decided to say we were still on for the toss around and I took a shower.
When i got out of the shower, it was sprinkling a bit, but I had already made my decision and headed out to Valley. Like any dutiful officer, I waited for about 25 minutes. After that I gave up and headed home. Oh well...
The early forecast for next Saturday looks promising - 47 and sunny. I would like to say to plan on a 12:00 or 1:00 pm start on March 14, but it is a little early to make such a call. Should the weather hold out and the forecast remain good, then an official announcement/decision will be made on Thursday. Hopefully that will get us close enough to get an accurate prediction.
Tomorrow night will be my first outdoor practice with Valley (it will be the team's third). Looks like it will be sunny and warm. Tuesday is supposed to be rainy, but Wednesday is supposed to be downright cold. Great...
Everything looks prettycold (so far) for the big Orange vs White Scrimmage on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. Hopefully the lights at Valley Stadium will warm us up a little. If you're interested, this will be the only chance to watch live lacrosse in the metro before the team's home stand on May 2!

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