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Friday, October 9, 2009

Adidas Ups Their Game

Although the prices has not yet been released, the new 2009 John Grant Jr line of Adidas gear is officially here. The Adidas lacrosse website has pics of the new gear. I have to admit that it looks great both in terms of style and function. Unlike their first line of equipment, Adidas looks to have gotten this gear right - supposedly with JGJ's input. Either way, the new gear definitely demonstrates that Adidas has arrived...

Some MCLA programs, notably Michigan, already use Adidas gear. Expect the trefoil's NCAA clubs to start using these products as well. With Notre Dame as a marquee client in every other sport - and the fact that the Irish were unhappy with Michigan's more comprehensive deal - expect them to be among the first to don the new stuff. Brown and the other Adidas programs will probably start picking it up as well. I would wager that the Adidas sponsored colleges will switch to Adidas gear as soon as their current equipment deals are up.
The door may also open for their corporate holding, Reebok, to supply these teams. This happens already in NCAA hockey. Adidas, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the other Adidas sponsored schools wear Reebok and CCM gear with their Adidas jerseys.

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