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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hold Up on Your WFA Swarm Tickets!!!!!

Ok, I know I posted some info just the other day about the tickets for the Swarm game at Wells Fargo Arena, but hold off on your purchases, please! I spoke briefly with one of my Iowa Events Center contacts earlier today and it looks like something awesome is in the pipeline. I have a quick meeting with both of my contacts this evening right after work to set up a fundraising ticket package for the Valley Tigers Lacrosse team!
In addition, WFA wants to host a high school box lacrosse tournament before the Swarm game! They are interested in having 6-8 teams (including Valley) participate. I will spreading the word to the Nebraska League coaches this evening when I have the full details. My contact at the Swarm mentioned that a few high school teams up north were interested in coming to Des Moines for the game, so there is a possibility that they may take part as well! Do not forget about the possibility of a Kansas City team or two...
The tournament will be in addition to the Swarm vs Mammoth and Iowa State vs Iowa games and a lacrosse clinic put on by the Swarm!
As soon as I get the full information and get home, I will post it and send out what I can. This is exciting news and will only help to spread the game in the metro!

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