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Friday, February 12, 2010

MLL Expansion/Relocation Poll Results

To coincide with the MLL Expansion/Relocation series, I posted five polls asking which metro in a specified area should have an MLL team. I staggered the polls a bit to give each five days in the top spot.


Los Angeles: 55%

Seattle: 23%

San Fransisco Bay Area: 11%

Las Vegas: 11%


Rochester: 26%

Syracuse: 26%

Pittsburgh: 12%

Ottawa: 12%

Buffalo: 12%

Providence: 12%


Des Moines: 66%

Twin Cities: 34%


Atlanta: 25%

Jacksonville: 25%

Orlando: 25%

Raleigh: 25%

South Central:

Dallas: 75%

Oklahoma City: 25%

None of these metros received votes:

San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Portland, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Montreal, NYC metro, Albany, Hartford, Worcester, Omaha, KC, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, Miami, Tampa Bay, Charlotte, Richmond, Columbia, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, Birmingham, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Albuquerque, Tulsa, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Jackson.

Eighteen metros received votes in the various polls. I chose 18 expansion cities for Major League Lacrosse. Matching up the hits and misses should be fairly simple...

Hits: LA, San Jose, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Twin Cities, Atlanta, & Dallas

Misses: Philadelphia, & New York metro, Charlotte, Florida, Houston, Detroit, St. Louis, & Phoenix, San Diego, Portland

So I picked less than half of the cities (44% match) that my readers did. I guess the next step will be relocating my teams to match up with your picks. This time around, I plan to keep the descriptions shorter, but will still make field suggestions. If a name change is required, a brief explanation of that name will be included as well. The expansion year will remain the same as my original city. Let the fun begin...

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