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Saturday, February 13, 2010

MLL Expansion/Relocation - Realignment #1

In light of the poll results, I am shuffling some of my fictional MLL teams around. Since you all took the time to vote, I figure the least I can do is honor your opinions. The unchanged teams will be listed and the new cities will be expanded upon.

2011: Los Angeles Riptide & Pittsburgh Pride

2012: Seattle Sea Lions & Dallas Generals

2013: San Jose Dragons & Rochester Rattlers

2015: Neither of my original choices for 2014 made it through the polls. It looks like the Philadelphia Barrage will remain dead and Red Bull will not muscle its way into this US league.

-Buffalo Barrage: Although it may be cursed, the Barrage name will be kept. Despite the failure of Bridgeport, Philadelphia, and the travel team - not to mention my failed attempt to resurrect the team in Philly - the name is worth keeping. With 12% of the Northeast vote, Buffalo seems to be the most logical replacement for Philadelphia. The team will have a natural rivalry with Rochester.

The Barrage will play their games at the University at Buffalo Stadium. The 29,000 home of the Bulls is the most suitable venue available in a metro with many sports options. Working with the lax programs at NCAA D1 Canisius College and NCAA D3 Medaille will ensure the Barrage's longevity and provide a pipeline of talent with local ties. Extending their efforts to nearby Hamburg could net the Barrage recruits from Hilbert College. The Bulls also have a lacrosse team that could prove valuable to the Barrage.

-Syracuse Vulcans: No, not the pointy-eared fellas from Star Trek. These Vulcans take their name from the same root as the city itself - Sicily. A minor island off of Sicily proper, Vulcano was believed by the ancient Romans to be the home of the blacksmith god, Vulcan. The MLL team is technically named after the god, which is not and honor as he is widely associated with significant power.
Retaining much of the Red Bulls' color scheme, the Vulcans will wear red and gold. These colors will also symbolize a volcanic eruption. Black will be used as the main accent color.
Syracuse brings a strong history of successful lax to the league. Both Syracuse University and LeMoyne College have been consistently successful in the NCAA (D1 & D2, respectively). This gives the pro team a strong base from which to draw talent - talent like the Gait and Powell brothers. Both schools offer a few choice venues for professional lacrosse.
While the Carrier Dome may work work the Orange, it may be too big for the Vulcans. An expanded JS Coyne Field or Soccer Stadium could be usable venues. However, the new Turf Complex at LeMoyne might prove to be the winner. Details are sparse, but the early indications are that the field will become the epicenter for their sports teams. If it arrives an initial capacity of at least 5,000, it could be a real winner.


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