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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 8

The last post in this series featured two purple and gold teams from the suburbs of Des Moines. Today we tap a new market and return to the Cedar Rapids metro area. Coincidentally both of these teams wear red, black, and white. Oh yeah, both teams have "Hawks" as part of their compound nicknames too.

Mason City Mohawks

Sitting just one county south of Minnesota on Interstate 35, Mason City seems like a logical place to have a lacrosse team. Nearly the midpoint between Des Moines and the Twin Cities, the city could be a great host to interstate tournaments. Having access to the high level of competition available in Minnesota could give the Mohawks and early jump on instate competition.
Mason City is a well known hockey town and fields a team in the Midwest High School League. As has been evidence by Omaha and West Des Moines, hockey players seem to have a natural attraction to lax. Assuming somebody in the area is able to coach, it is not hard to imagine a regional team not unlike the hockey club.I based the Mohawks' look on the hockey team by using black as the primary color with red as the main trim and white as an accent. The "M" on the shorts is a stand in for the stylized version in the logo.I decided to go all out with the helmet. I included both vent and Mohawk decals. The goal was to make the red Mohawk pop more. Does it work or is it too much?
Iowa City High Little Hawks

Considering Iowa's MCLA team is the oldest team in the state (1977), it seems only fitting that Iowa City High becomes the third team in the Cedar Rapids area. After all, the Little Hawks are not only named after the Hawkeyes, but they share their Tigerhawk logo too.In a nice departure from the uniforms so far, I was able to incorporate the Little Hawks' logo on the shorts and collar placket. To further mix things up, I went with white shorts. I think it gives the Little Hawks a clean look and works well with their logo and color scheme.The jerseys have a traditional athletic font, which once again ties with the historic look of the Little Hawks. I did give it the "Flat Top" treatment which kind of frames the numbers.Red was chosen as the primary helmet color because of the football team and to offset the white on white home uniforms. The white chin and vent stripes contrast nicely with the red. The black visor ties the whole uniform together and pairs nicely with the black tigerhawk logo.

With the addition of these teams, the Fantasy Land League is now up to 16 teams. In other words, it is time to address the need for conferences. To keep things simple there will be four divisions with four teams each. These divisions will be somewhat fluid and may change as new teams are added.

-2017 Divisions-

North: Ames, Mason City, Ankeny, Johnston

South: Pella, Albia, Indianola, Southeast Polk
Cedar Valley: Waterloo, CR Jefferson, CR Kennedy, Iowa City High
Central: Valley, Waukee, Dowling Catholic, Urbandale

Since Fantasy Land is more about looking at how new programs might/should come into existence than how the league would actually work, I feel that establishing some sort of guidelines for structure will help keep the teams straight. Ideally every team would play 14-16 regular season games from March through the first week of May (like the Nebraska League). They would play two games against each member of their division and the rest would be open for games against other teams in the Iowa league and/or other leagues. All games would count towards the final standings, but the division winners automatically qualify for the playoffs.

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