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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Demons

As I have been creating uniforms and helmets for the high school teams, it occurs to me that I have neglected the adult players. It is no secret that I really want to be in a position to field a Demons team in Great Plains Lacrosse League in the near future. Due to scheduling and time commitments, it was not possible this year. However, I expect more players to be around Des Moines next summer which means that we should (finally) be able to move forward.The designs I am unveiling are just as much fantasy as are any of those in the high school series. If I had buckets full of cash lying around, these jerseys and helmets are a fairly close representation of what I would get for the Demons.Originally I considered using the Warrior Sublimation customizer like I have been with the high school series. I tried a couple of different models but nothing really stood out to me. Then I realized that this is my Fantasy Land and I should design the uniforms that I want. So I chose Under Armour.You may be thinking that these look awfully similar to Maryland; you are right. It just so happens that the Demons' colors are red, athletic gold, and black - as decided by a vote last year. Of the two patterns available from UA, I like this one (Burnett) better.
I chose the "Lubbock" (based on Texas Tech) font arranged in a bookend style. It just looked great with both "Demons" and "Des Moines." Obviously I scrapped the "Demons" wordmark and there are no logos showing anywhere. The "D" on the shorts is a stand-in for the official logo pictured above; it would also appear on the helmet. One of the alternate logos would be on the jersey's sleeves.


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