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Friday, April 9, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Drake University

Even less of a fantasy than the Demons, Drake now has a club lacrosse team up and running. Regular readers will recall that the Bulldogs were born out of the inaugural box league this winter.Drake Lax already has a Facebook page set up. I have also added a Drake section to the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association website. Hopefully I can expand it over the coming weeks.
Forgive the crudeness of the logos; I only know how to do so much to make them work on the customizer. Hopefully you at least get the general idea. Also, the blues are a little off, but that is normal from one royal blue to the next. When it come time to print, it is assumed that the blues would be matched up. For the most part I wanted to see the uniform with the school's actual font and logo.

As Drake is a college team, I have included two full sets of uniforms rather than a single pair of shorts like the high school series. Applying the logos to the white set was fairly simple; the dark set took some attempts at recoloring.
The helmet is fairly straightforward. I chose to model it somewhat after the football team (shocker) and made it white. However, the football team uses the D by itself. I feel the lax helmet (and the football helmet for that matter) should use the Spike & D logo below.

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