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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CILA Summer League Predictions - Week 7

After the extreme temperature and its imminent threat of death forced us to cancel last week, I had to shuffle the games a bit. Because I am lazy, I just pushed last week's game to today and today's game to Monday. It should all be very clear on the website, but by all means, please contact me with questions.
This week's games mark the second half of the regular season. Comprised of rematches from the league's first week, this week's match ups will be repeated on Monday. Call it poor scheduling if you must; after all one would think a simple three week cycle would have worked just fine...
Anyway, let's move on to the predictions:
Game 1 - Mi Casa Rustic Furniture vs Wellspring Parable
Mi Casa has been unable to win. Wellspring has really only been challenged by Lightning. This should be a no brainer. With Zielonko and Nielsen helming a team of young talent, the Young Guns are a virtual strike force. They are quick and agile with great communication and organization. Mi Casa has a wealth of talent spread across the field, but is unable to function as a unit. As a leader and a player, I have consistently failed to perform, but I seek to rectify that every week.
Prediction: Wellspring by 4
Game 2 - Lightning Wear vs Clark Physical Therapy
Clark has improved significantly since the last time these teams met. Unfortunately for them, so has Lightning Wear. Despite having a strong team, Clark will face an uphill battle with the Bolts. The Bolts will barely break a sweat in this one despite Clark's strong and impressive play.
Lightning Wear by 5

Tribe 7