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Friday, July 23, 2010

Dubuque Lax Anyone?

Alan Temperly is currently trying to start a lax program in Dubuque. To aid him, Temperly has formed a group on Simply Lacrosse. His mission is simple enough: Looking for players, coaches and volunteers to start a 5&6, 7&8 and high school lacrosse teams in Dubuque area. Temperly brings a wealth of experience with him. Prior to arriving in Dubuque, he served as the president of the Waterford Youth Lacrosse Association in Michigan.
If you are interested in playing, learning, or coaching lacrosse in Dubuque then please contact Alan directly. Valley player Sam Lozada will be attending college in Dubuque this fall and has been in contact with Temperly about establishing programs in the community. Lozada's ultimate goal is to establish a club team at Loras.
Simply Lacrosse is a hub of user content geared towards helping spread the gospel of lacrosse. I am also a registered user and contribute blogs occasionally. Most are reprints from this site, but they help increase exposure.

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