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Monday, July 26, 2010

CILA Summer League Predictions - Week 7 and a halfish

To be honest, I am not sure how tonight's games will go down. After cancelling the the July 14 games due to extreme heat, the majority of players picked tonight for the make up. I am unsure of how many players will actually come tonight, so I have a couple of contingency plans ready to go. For now though I am assuming the games will occur as scheduled, but I am asking that everybody comes in time for the first game - just in case.
Game 1 -5:45 pm- Wellspring Parable vs Mi Casa Rustic Furniture
The Young Guns beat a depleted Mi Casa handily last week (10-6). Both teams will be missing a few players tonight - including a captain on each side. The absent captains may prove to be the difference makers. Wellspring is missing Zielonko, who is a constant scoring threat and the undisputed field commander for the Young Guns. Mi Casa is missing me. I have been ineffective nearly all season but last week I showed some improvement despite nagging pain in my lower back. That pain got bad enough on Thursday and Friday to force a doctor visit. Diagnosed with a severe back strain (probably not lax related according to the doc), I was prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers. But I was told no reffing, let alone playing for at least a week. So I'm pretty pissed right now.
Zielonko's absence will be a much bigger factor than my own.
Prediction: Mi Casa by 1
Game 2 -6:45 pm- Clark Physical Therapy vs Lightning Wear
The Bolts are an unstoppable force of nature. Last week they handed Clark a five goal loss. Very few players are expected to be absent for Lightning. Clark will be missing a few, but will still have key players like Ripchinski. As always, Clark will battle hard but Lightning's depth and youth will wear them out.
Pediction: Lightning by 3

BTW, I screwed the pooch when I picked Japan over Australia for the bronze. Luckily I chose the winner in the game that really mattered. Not only that, but I actually picked the US to win by two goals. What a great game. Rabil proved that he can make big plays in big games. Truly a worthy competitor.

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