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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CILA Summer League - Week 7 and a halfish Results

We made up the July 14 games last night. The original goal was to have two games like usual, but I figured it would be tricky given that it was an off night. As game time approached, we realized that we would not have enough guys for two full games. After a brief assessment of our options, I devised a simple solution and discussed it with the captains present at the field. In the best interests of the league, we opted to play a single game with combined teams.
To keep things fair, we combined #1 Lightning Wear with #4 Mi Casa Rustic Furniture and #2 Wellspring Parable with #3 Clark Physical Therapy. This also kept the scheduled matches in tact. Both winning teams received the victory and points while the losing teams did not. The goal differential was not added to the standings.
Make Up Game - Lightning Wear/Mi Casa 11, Wellspring Parable/Clark PT 4
WP/CPT came out firing against Lightning utility player/back up goalie McDougal. They were up 2-0 within in the first five minutes which led to some bitching about the format by a few Lightning players (usually they are the first to piss and moan under such circumstances). It did not take long for LW/MC to come back and score eight unanswered goals. Along the way, Mi Casa goalie Burk took over the net for McDougal, who returned to his usual LSM position.
The game took a very controlled pace from there with long possessions by both teams. The face off battle seemed to swing back and forth throughout the second half. WP/CPT seemed to be on the verge of rallying, but it was too little too late.
Last night's game also introduced two new players to the league. Brian Berg previously played for Iowa State University's MCLA team and last year's box team. Austin Ladd played for the Salisbury School in Connecticut, which won the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council championship three times while he was there. From there he played at the University of Iowa. Both players have been allocated to Clark due to the loss of several players.

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