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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CILA Summer League Predictions - Week 8

Technically this is the second batch of games this week, but Monday's games were actually make up games for Week 6. Tonight's games will be the eighth for each team. Okay, yeah, this is Week 8 then. Whew, that was confusing (maybe it's just the prescriptions I'm on).

Monday's game featured teams working together for a win. Tonight's games will turn those allies into enemies. Based on the current standings, we could be looking at a preview of the playoffs tonight. No matter what tonight's games bring, Lightning Wear is assured the number one seed with their perfect record.

Game 1 -5:45 - Wellspring Parable vs Clark Physical Therapy
The Young Guns are fighting to stay in second place while Clark is hoping to pass them. A win tonight secures Wellspring's second seed. A Clark loss opens the door for a Mi Casa to make a move up the rankings which could come to a head in next week's games. The question is whether the two recent additions will be enough to push Clark over the Young Guns.
Prediction: Wellspring Parable holds onto to its second place rank with a 3 goal win
Game 2 - 6:45 - Mi Casa Rustic Furniture vs Lightning Wear
Mi Casa's only win came on Monday via their cooperation with the Bolts. A win tonight would be a major upset and is the key to Mi Casa jumping out of last place. Standing in their way is the likely absence of Nick Blay whose defensive presence boosts Mi Casa's confidence. If Mi Casa can somehow push past the Bolts it would be the premier upset of the summer.
Prediction: Lighting is almost as tough as they are cocky; they win by 4

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