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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rattlers Reborn?

As part of their "national tour" this summer, the Machine recently played a game in Rochester, NY. You may recall that up until last year Marina Auto Stadium hosted the Rattlers since the league's inception. Then the team closed down and the personnel moved to Toronto. This year's event was designed to test the waters with the stadium's new owner, Rob Clark, who also owns the Rochester Rhinos soccer team.
Now it seems that Clark wants to resurrect the Rattlers to compliment his highly successful soccer team. The previous incarnation of the Rochester Major League Lacrosse team won the Steinfeld Cup in their final season before moving to Toronto (where they won it again).
Although the Rattlers name and colors are available, there is a possibility that the team will go with an entirely new identity. Rumors are circling that the Nationals may simply move back due to a stadium issue that saw them evicted from BMO this season. It is also quite likely that the Machine will permanently relocate to Rochester, though statements made by the league indicate that they will continue the road show again next season. Perhaps Rochester 2.0 will mean that the league will slowly increase the number of franchises again...
Either way, resurrecting professional field lacrosse in Rochester is a good move for the city, the league, and the fans. I look forward to seeing the team back in the fold.

Tribe 7