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Friday, July 16, 2010

Update - Iroquois Screwed Out of Opener

Due to the ongoing passport saga of the Iroquois national lacrosse team, the opening game of the 2010 World Lacrosse Championships was forfeited. The team still has not been allowed into the UK and is therefore unable to compete. No resolution is in sight in time for the team to make their next scheduled game, tomorrow vs Hong Kong at 6:00 pm (Manchester time).
For all intents and purposes, Germany and the Iroquois have traded spots in the groupings. Germany played last night against England in the Iroquois stead and were originally scheduled for the game against Hong Kong. Germany moves up the Blue Division and the Iroquois tentatively move down to the Plum.

England had been due to play Germany in an exhibition match after the Iroquois - who might not possibly now competing in this year's tournament - forfeited their opening fixture because of passport problems. But the ILF ruled that Germany would be promoted to the Blue Division - and so the opening match became an official contest instead of an exhibition scrimmage.

This move pushes the English team to the number four overall ranking, directly behind long time rival Australia. England won last night's game 12-3, demonstrating the gap between the bottom of the blue division and the top of the rest.

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