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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Living in a Fantasy Land... Demons Box Team

The other day I posted about the Midwest Lacrosse Association's upcoming competitive box lacrosse league. I was inspired to create some looks for a competitive Des Moines Demons box lacrosse team. I wavered back and forth between the various Demons logos before settling on the D logo. As with any professional team, the logo is included on the helmet - in this case a Cascade M11 in black with athletic gold trim.
I also had a difficult time choosing the color of the dark jersey. Because black is so overdone these days, I wanted to avoid it. Unfortunately the Demon head blended in with the athletic gold and the D blended into the red. So I was stuck using black as the base.
My goal was to clearly make this identifiable as a box lacrosse team, which meant building a box lacrosse jersey on Saxon Athletic's website. Other companies make box jerseys, but Saxon's U-Build-It feature is the most user friendly. For this jersey I opted to use a design inspired by the 1990s Buffalo Sabres. The arm trim looks a bit like horns, which I found appropriate for a team called the "Demons." I made the horns red on both jerseys to provide consistency. The outside stripes are athletic gold.
Although it is hard to see, the graphic on the shorts is the official Des Moines Demons word mark. Again I wavered on which logo to use here, before deciding that the team name would fit nicely since I did not want it on the jersey itself.
In an ideal world, this uniform would be in existence in time for the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association's 2010 Box Lacrosse League. They would then be carried over the the MLA league next year. Unfortunately the former will not happen and the latter is not likely either. Welcome to Fantasy Land!

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