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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Warrior Trojan 2

Lacrosse All Stars posted pics of the new Warrior Trojan 2 helmet, which the Crease Monkeys are wearing at the Hawaii Invitational.*

More Hawaii Invitational Equipment Pictures posted at Inside Lacrosse

The Trojan 2 looks better than previous Warrior helmets, yet is easily identifiable with that brand. The overall design strategy with its diamond shaped vents suggests that the rumors of a single helmet line for Warrior and Brine (both New Balance brands) are true. Much like the first Trojan and the Cascade Pro7, the visor is part of the shell and not a separate piece.
It has a pug-like look that makes me think it will not fit players with prominent facial features. The previous Trojan was noted for fitting wider heads, so that could be a positive. Time will tell how the Brine and Warrior sponsored NCAA teams react to the new helmet; overall response to the original Trojan was fairly high.**
You may recall that the previous Warrior Trojan looked very similar to multiple Cascade models. Team USA was supposed to wear the helmet in the World Championships, but ended up with Brine Triumphs instead. Allegedly, the original Trojan helmet was pulled due to trademark infringement lawsuits filed by Cascade.

*An Easton lax rep playing with the team previously informed me that he planned to wear an Easton hockey bucket with a box cage.
**Though it tended to be of the "next best thing to a Pro7" variety.

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