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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Living in a Fantasy Land... Part 11

I started this series several months ago and then wrapped it up during Valley's spring season.
Lincoln Railsplitters
After driving past my old high school to pick up my wife's little sister before our summer league games, I was inspired to create a uniform for them as part of my Living in a Fantasy Land series.
Lincoln's primary rival was Dowling when I was in school. All of the best south side athletes happened to be Catholic so we usually lost a good chunk of them to the private school. Both teams wear maroon, so my biggest challenge is making Lincoln stand out against my earlier Dowling designs. I chose white shorts to create a more unique look for the Rails.
When I was in school, Lincoln wore "yellow" gold, but since I graduated the school has embraced Vegas gold. This creates a bit of a struggle to differentiate the team's look from the Ankeny designs I created earlier this year. To downplay the similarities, I chose to deemphasize the gold and use it as a secondary color on the shorts, jerseys, and helmet.
Having a Lincoln team would be great for south side of the metro. Given the demographic changes over the last decade or so, I am not entirely sure that a team would ever come about. But the point of the Fantasy Land series is to imagine what a team would look like if it did exist...
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