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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free Warrior Hockey Gear!!!!

Yeah, I know this is most definitely not a lacrosse article. Still, I have a feeling that many of my readers play hockey. On top of that, Warrior is only one of the best well known lax companies, duh.
Sign up today and join your insano stick-head brethren at the flashpoint of all things hockey. Your pics & vids. Your comments. A full-on, bare-knuckle, social, hockey cluster bomb. Create your profile, upload it with all the mind-bending hockey insanity you can pour on the page - pictures, vids, whatever you've got. Bring it to the Warrior Nation. The more you add, the higher you're ranked. And believe me, rank has it's benefits*

All you've got to do is sign up here.

*And by benefits I mean stuff like gear give-a-ways and free schwag.
You've been notified. The rest is up to you. Join the Warrior Nation today.

Tribe 7