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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Poll - For Central Iowa Laxers Only!!!!

That's right, the new poll is geared towards people in Central Iowa who want to play lacrosse! (Technically, this poll is for anyone who will be in the Central Iowa region this summer that wants to play lacrosse.) I am looking for anyone interested in playing men's' field lacrosse from high school freshmen on up. To help me better understand how the planned summer league looks, please let me know what lacrosse gear, if any, you have. I realize that some things, like sticks, are easier to get a hold of on short notice...
As I previously stated, the plan right now is to allow hockey equipment (including helmets with full face cages) to be used. Hopefully lacrosse will become a big enough hit next year that we can start to require lacrosse specific padding to be in compliance with US Lacrosse, at least for the more advanced league. On top of that, once the Demons get started, it is my understanding that those players will need lax specific helmets and pads.
In the meantime, please answer the poll and stay in touch with me about playing lacrosse. Do not worry about which brands or level (starter to pro) of equipment you have. Right now it is all about getting this puppy going.

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