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Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I Got For Christmas

Yes, I realize that Christmas was two weeks ago (even worse, the stuff I got was received on the Saturday before). I have been swamped with this that and the other thing, which basically prevented me from taking some pics of my new gear. Making matters worse, the Christmas tree used the outlet I usually plug my laptop in (I do not have a memory card slot on my PC). Now that the chaos of Christmas and New Years is behind me, I can finally get pics of my new stuff up here.Since I am as new to actually playing lacrosse as many of my fellow Iowans, I thought it would be wise to start with some beginner sticks and essential gear. Everything I received can be found at Great Atlantic Lacrosse for very reasonable prices. In fact, most what I received actually came from Great Atlantic Lacrosse.My Nike bag was a gift from my grandma. It is very high quality and quite spacious.My mom gave me two complete sticks, a STX AV8& a Gait Icon II. Each has an aluminum handle and a fully strung head. Mom also gave me four Warrior balls (two white and two orange).I received this Warrior Krypto Pro shaft from outside of my family. It is super light and freaking awesome. When I received it, I thought the box was empty, no joke. My next purchase will be a head for it.

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