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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Gear Set is Nearly Complete

As I play more and more lax, I'm understanding the importance of lax-specific gear. Through the Valley practices, I've come to realize that my Nike Bauer Vapor XXX hockey gloves are too cumbersome to properly handle a lax stick. The palms have the perfect amount of grip for the ice but are way too grippy to get a proper lax cradle going. I realized that I would have to get myself some proper lax gloves.
I shopped around, read various reviews, consulted my wife, and tried on gloves at practice. I considered Brine Mogul, Gait Anarchy, Reebok 5k, and STX Agent. Eventually I settled on Warrior Hypnos. Great Atlantic Lacrosse has them for $83 ($75 if you are a Club Lax member). I like these gloves because they feature a VaporTek moisture wicking liner, vented backhand, vented palms, a contoured split cuff, and precise fit. Basically you get many of the same features that the $170 Mac Daddy gloves have at a fraction of the price.I also wanted to get a new head for the Warrior Krypto pro that I got for Christmas. To do that, the wife said that I needed to sell one of my sticks. Luckily I had the STX AV8 that my mom gave me for Christmas. Other than working the mesh, I had not used it. One of the newest members of the Des Moines Lacrosse League, Caleb, was eager to participate in the second toss around. He needed a stick, so I sold it to him (with a free ball) for just under retail less shipping.
After considering the Brine Answer, Brine Motive, STX Bionic, and Gait Triton, I decided to get the Warrior Mojo. A variety of factors were once again considered including consumer reviews, weight, stiffness, and stringing style. At $55 ($52 Club Lax) on Great Atlantic Lacrosse,the Mojo had the best of combination of what I was looking for.It looks pretty good on my Kpro too...
I also ordered a couple more orange lacrosse balls, which is especially important because one of mine was lost at the last Valley indoor practice. How that is possible, I'll never know. Also, I can see the orange a lot easier than the white. I ship everything to my mother-in-law's house and her dog, Baloo, got a hold of one of them. He is a "Bug" (half Boston Terrier, half pug) and loves to play. He went crazy for the bright orange ball and chased it all over the house. Up close you can see his teeth marks, but they did not show very well in the pictures.Now all I really need is a proper lax helmet (I'm currently rocking my Nike hockey lid w/ a face mask), some shoulder pads and elbow pads. Some lax shoes would be great too...

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