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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Very Successful 2nd Toss Around

With another bright and sunny February day looming over us, the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association held its second toss around. New faces from the Des Moines Lacrosse League site came out yesterday to join in the fun. Unfortunately, my dumbass forgot to bring the camera, despite my intentions to do so.
We originally planned on playing in the East Parking Lot once again, but Valley had other plans. Somehow I missed seeing a major debate thing going on at the school yesterday (I still maintain that it was not there!) and the high school players did not notify Zach until it was too late. Luckily, the snow had melted off of the tennis courts. They made a much more suitable place to play.
Once again, we started off by tossing and stretching; new people were introduced and new friends made. Then we moved into the enclosed area, threw on some pennies and got going with Ultimate Lax.
We did not last the entire two hours today because of tests and other commitments, but we did have a nice game. We talked a bit about the possibility of some Demons games and an adult rec league this summer. Counting 18 year old high school seniors, we now have the minimum number of players needed to travel. But, there is still plenty of room for more.
I want to thank everybody that showed up and I hope to see you again next week (weather permitting). Our current plan is to play every Saturday at noon somewhere on Valley's grounds or nearby. Should something change, I will post it here. If you are interested in joining us, contact me with your phone number in case we have to make last minute changes.

We are still trying to get something set up at the Soccer House as well. It will most likely be on a Tuesday or Thursday night wit ha $10 buy in. The response was fairly decent and the management were ok with us playing lax in there; I am just waiting to hear back from the Soccer House to confirm the available time.

I want to give a shout out to Caleb. He joined us today (purchasing my spare stick in the process) with no lacrosse experience. It did not take long for him to pick the game up. The experienced Minnesotans from Drake and Vally laxers were giving him props on his natural ability.

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